“Artificial Flowers” (Poem/Song): Written By Viola Pressley

“Artificial Flowers” (Poem/Song):  Written By Viola Pressley

Artificial flowers, you can find them to be
more real than love.

When it comes to artificial flowers,
they can’t let you down.
In them you can trust.

Artificial flowers,
a work of art.

Just an imitation of something that is real,
yet they can still touch your heart.

Even though they are made by human skill,
even though they are synthetic and an imitation,
there will never be any room for doubt
in what you’re getting,
no wasted expectations.

Artificial flowers,
they have nothing to hide.
They hold no secrets.

When it comes to artificial flowers,
you can be sure that what you see
is what you get.

Artificial flowers,
they do not lie.

They’re true colors and
make-up are always exposed.
Never are they disguised.

With artificial flowers.
you can always be sure of
what you’re getting.

They come with no surprise.
You can see it.
You can feel it,
right before your eyes.

Unlike love, you may realize,
artificial flowers are more genuine.

More genuine that the one who
says they love you,
the one you think is true,
the one who gets your time.
The one you love without a doubt,
who is always on your mind.

It may hit you all at once one day,
that love was never love,
like you thought it was,
and that you’ve been blind.

Artificial flowers,
they can brighten up your day,
put a smile on your face.

With artificial flowers you never
have to worry about them bringing
tears to your eyes.

Like love that might go astray.
Like love that at any moment might
start to wither and fade away,
and make you cry.

Artificial flowers,
the never die.

They can last long after
love has come and gone.
They can last a life-time.

Artificial flowers,
they don’t need watering,
rain or sunshine.

Artificial flowers
live on and on,
with passing time.

Artificial flowers,
a reflection of something that
lives on and on.

In life where some things die
or wither away, artificial
flowers go on and on.

Artificial flowers,
can’t say they don’t mean much.

They may be artificial,
but fact is they can still
be more real than love.

Artificial flowers,
they’re alright by me.

They’re more real than a
false love.
A love that may be untrue.
A love that may deceive me.

Artificial flowers,
I’ll take them any day.

I’d gladly have them take the place,
of a no good man needing to be replaced,
of a love that turned out to be a waste,
nothing but a big mistake.
That’s all I have to say.

Now give me my artificial flowers,
and I’ll be on my way.


About violasparkle

I work full time as a Word Processing Specialist with over 24 years in employment. I enjoy working with computers, writing, dancing, rollerskating, martial arts, swimming, interior decorating, gardening, art (painting portraits/ceramics, etc.), tennis, volleyball
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