Talking about YouTube – Hooters Waitress Told She Was Too Fat


Quote  I first heard a discussion regarding the issue addressed in this video while listening to NJ101. Radio Station, where they got into a little more details.  First of all me myself, having worked in many different fields, I well aware that all companies have their own shall I say "policies and procedures".  Let me also say this, "That does not mean that all of their so called policie and procedures are necessary just", because they are policies and procedures.  I myself have gotten to the point where I am so sick and tired of hearing those words relating to employment, why? (because based on facts and experiences of many who report wrongful treatment/problems they become faced with on their jobs, it seems that their so called policies and procedures are actually in place to do more harm to certain individuals than to do them any good.

After watching this video and seeing this female, I feel she should file a discrimination suit.  This woman is beautiful and within the weight range for her size.  What is more important your health and overall well-being or trying to lose weight being more unhealthy to please anyone for any amount of money.  This female is 5’8" and 132 lbs and they are saying she is overweight??  They are crazy.  If she is overweight it is only in the eyes of those who like to feel skeleton bones on a females body and no meat.  Meat tastes more better than bones folks.  NJ101.5 Radio Station got into more details also stating the female workers are given "nicknames" to use at work, they are told to wear their hair a certain way, they want them to tan?? What the heck.  In my opinion this is a negative type of employment.  I don’t care how good I could look, I would not work in a place where the treatment is as if they are exploiting you.  To me it’s the same as if you are an escort, call girl and/or prostitute.  It’s like you are selling yourself for them "Hooters" and there is no way I would work anywhere like that for any amount of money.  That’s definitely not good for anyone mentally.  If a person has pride in yourself and/or demand respect from others for yourself, how could you allow someone else to exploit you.  Fact is that’s all they are doing, using these women and their looks/bodies to attract men and earn money for them "Hooters".  That makes me think, so what do they have to do when these men are attracted to them based on their policies, do they have to allow them to touch their bodies?, do they have to sit on their laps and give them lap dances and/or other???  That’s one big problem in the world, too much exploitation.  What people do for money to get ahead.

The video explains that Hooters says that "They have image standards?", well what about the image standards that these women employed there should have for themselves.  I don’t care where you work/in what field you work, I would not allow myself to be subjected to mental abuse and/or other that I thought was unjust.  They say this woman was placed on "weight probation".  As far as I would be concerned they could take their weight probation and shove it.  From my understanding NJ101.5 said they gave her a time period to lose weight and/or offered her to go to a exercise program where they would pay for it??  I wouldn’t care if they offered to pay for it or not.  If I did not want to lose weight because I felt good the way I was and was within a normal weight for my size, they could jump in the lake.

Now – Check me out in my pics, I weigh more than her and I’m short, so how are you going to tell this girl she has to lose weight??  I’m thick, milk chocolate and loving it.  They can keep Hooters.  I love meat, not bones.

YouTube – Hooters Waitress Told She Was Too Fat


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